Walrus Oil Furniture Wax Finish and Polish



Walrus Oil Furniture Wax is a dense, hard wood wax designed to add water protection, a little shine, and color richness to woodworking projects. Also useful for polishing old furniture and wood items. Handcrafted with a higher concentration of Carnauba Wax and Candelilla Wax for strong final coat. Also made with heat-tempered Tung Oil, Polymerizing Safflower Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil. Cures to a matte to satin finish.


Matte/Satin Finish
Lightly Scented
100% Plant Based
Food Grade Ingredients

Project Ideas
Tables, Chairs, Bookcases, Coffee Tables, Picture Frames, Wooden Boxes and more.

The Best Furniture Polish and Wax
The most ideal wax and polish for furniture, especially with antiques, is products that don't contain alcohol and driers that can damage wood surfaces. The purpose of a wax and polish is to add extra water protection to wood surfaces, lift sheen (shininess), and when reviving antiques, you want something that can revive dull wood, and hide scratches. Walrus Oil's Furniture Wax is a product that contains only natural plant-based oils and waxes that will finish, revive, and fortify any piece of indoor furniture, whether its a brand new walnut rocker needing a little extra protection or an antique oak dresser you're restoring. Our product is safe and simple to use for virtually any project.

Why is Carnauba Wax Good for Wood?
Carnauba wax typically comes from palm tree leaves in Brazil and is considered the hardest and most durable wax in nature. In it's raw form Carnauba wax is shiny, extremely dense, and almost impenetrable by water. When mixed with oils, it can be applied easily to a wood surface, and as it cures, it will harden and seal with it's natural sheen and water repelling properties. Walrus Oil Furniture Wax is primarily made with a high concentration of Carnauba Wax, so you can be rest assured you're in good hands with this product. 

For best results use our Furniture Wax over our oil-based Furniture Finish after it has dried for at least 24 - 48 hrs. Apply thin layer of wax to the entire surface with either a rag or electric buffer. Let it set for 1 hr and then buff away excess residue. Repeat until desired number of coats and look is achieved. After final coat, allow 24 - 48 hrs for surface to become dry to touch. May take up to 1 week to be completely dry to touch and up to 4 weeks to be completely cured. While curing, it's ideal for the wood piece to be kept in a temperature controlled environment. Humidity and high heat can prolong cure time. Keep liquids off surface for up to 4 weeks.

Product Care
For best results use by expiration date on can. Store at room temperature or in a cool and dry place. Keep can sealed when not in use.