Slabs | Large and Small

Live Edge Shipping

Unique Pieces Shipped to You

We strive to keep our product economically priced, knowing the customer will have to account for shipping and controlling those costs, best we can for the most efficient experience possible.

LiveEdge Silver Maple | Silver Maple | Hamilton Lee Supply
LiveEdge Ancient Redwood | Ancient Redwood | Hamilton Lee Supply

The Purchase

Our slabs are generally price by the board foot and baselined off of species, size, drying and surfacing. We then factor in the rarety of the material as well as supplier inputs, to account for an economical sales price.

Crating and Freighting

We take great pride in making sure your slab is secured and safe on its journey to you.

Project Ready Slabs Direct

Unless small enough to ship UPS, slabs are sent LTL with trusted services.