Massca Products | Viking Arm + Massca Revealer Trim Carpentry Tool

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(1) Viking Arm

Your Imagination Sets The Limits

With a lifting capacity of up to 330 lb / 150 kg, the range of applications is virtually unlimited. The installation of doors, windows, and cabinets are obvious uses, but flooring and the construction of porches, decks, and frameworks are also perfect opportunities to use this ingenious tool. All this and much more can easily be done with controlled precision thanks to the unique construction of the Viking Arm handheld jack. Made in Norway.

Key Specifications

  • Hardened CARBON steel / aluminum
  • Capacity: up to 150 kg = 330 lb
  • Operation range (mm): 6-215
  • Standard base (mm): 6 x 105 x 87
  • Mounting holes for safe operations
  • Weight: 1,4 kg = 3,0 lb
  • Extensively tested by FIMTECH (Norway)

Features and Advantages

  • Innovative universal tool
  • Lift, press, tighten with precision and control
  • Impressive capacity for a compact hand tool
  • Patented technical solutions
  • May substitute multiple “traditional” tools
  • Inspires creativity, secures quality and safety
  • Increases productivity, saves time and money
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Components of highest quality
  • Designed and manufactured in Norway

(1) Massca Revealer Trim Carpentry Tool

Measure Distances, Mark Cuts, and Ensure Superior Trim Accuracy with a Multipurpose Massca Revealer Trim Tool

When you’re cutting trim, molding, and corners it can be hard to get proper measurements and Reveals with a traditional ruler or tape measure; especially in tight spaces. We developed the Massca Revealer Trim Tool as a way to help ensure every mark is accurate and every cut is precise. Perfect for trimming windows, doors, cabinets, setting blade depth, and installing hardware, this versatile trim tool gives you the quick leg up you need throughout your entire project.

Key Product Features:

  • Multifunction Ruler and Finish Carpentry Tool – These trim carpentry tools are specifically designed to support all the measuring and marking requirements for installing window or door trim, marking jambs, setting moldings, and other finish carpentry efforts.
  • Measure and Mark with Accuracy – Our multipurpose tool lets you mark all pieces of work at the same time with accurate measurements and better consistency than any other tool on the market. Making easier, faster, and higher quality cuts, edges, and finishes.
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction – The Massca Revealer door trim and window trim tool is made with lightweight, high-quality aluminum that’s stronger and more resilient than plastic, so you can use it on all your personal or professional jobs.
  • Versatile Construction and Woodworking Use – This finish multitool provides support for a wide range of skill-based jobs including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, house contractors, and much more. 
  • Compact, Pocket-Sized Guide – Easy enough to slip into your pocket, keep it in a toolbox, or slide into a tool belt this versatile trim tool goes everywhere you go. This means you can cut down build times and improve efficiency on every job site.