Starbond Wood Furniture, Floor, and Laminate Repair Markers Sets

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Starbond Wood Furniture, Floor, and Laminate Repair Markers Sets

Starbond’s Furniture and Floor Repair Marker set is a homeowner’s dream come true! No matter what sort of ding you may need to touch up, these markers have you covered.

Designed to repair unsightly scratches with ease, it’s as simple as drawing along the blemish to make them disappear for good. With 6 colors to choose from, this set will handle all of your home’s restoration needs.

The last thing you want is smudges when you make a repair, so these markers are permanent and smear resistant. Get creative and revitalize your furniture or floors with our 6 Piece Repair Marker Set!

13 piece Repair Kit Includes:

  • 6 markers
  • 6 crayon wax
  • 1 sharpener

6 piece Touch-Up Kit Includes:

  • 6 markers
  • Fast Application: These furniture repair markers can quickly repair any scratches or dings in furniture.
  • Easy to Use: As simple to use as any basic marker, you can fix marks on floors or furniture with incredible ease.
  • Versatile: With 6 different colors to choose from, our marker set is ready to tackle any project you throw at them.
  • Permanent: No need to worry about scuffs or smudges, these markers are permanent and designed to last.
  • What's in the pack?
    • 6 Pieces Touch-Up Kit: 6 markers
    • 13 pieces Repair Kit: 6 markers, 6 crayons, and 1 sharpener