Starbond Natural Bristles Wood Stain Brush, 2 inches

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Starbond Natural Bristles Wood Stain Brush, 2 inches

Starbond’s 2-inch Wood-Finish Stain Brush is designed to fulfill all of your staining and finishing needs. Engineered to provide a consistent and uniform application, this brush will make your next project easy and beautiful.

The bristles are made from a soft natural material, so you can be sure that there won’t be any streaks or scratches. Be confident in your finish and use less stain, as this brush helps you be more efficient and precise. The ergonomic wood handle is comfortable and durable, meaning it will feel great and endure heavy use.

Sourced to include all-natural materials, this brush is not just easy to use, but is also in line with an eco-conscious ethos. Made from natural bristle and wood, you can work without compromising your standards. With Starbond’s 2-inch Wood-Finish Stain Brush you can produce professional, stunning works while promoting eco-friendly values.

  • Consistent Application: The bristles are designed to ensure a uniform and smooth finish.
  • Scratch Free: This brush is soft, yet durable, so it will spread finish without scratching the surface and is built to last.
  • Eco-Friendly: The wooden handle and natural bristles are sustainably sourced, in order to align with eco-conscious principles.
  • Ideal for Stain: From handle shape, to bristle length and thickness, this brush has been engineered with staining applications in mind.
  • Less Waste: Use less stain and be more efficient thanks to the specific bristle length and width.