Starbond Matte Colored Pigment (Canary Yellow), 2 oz.

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Starbond Matte Colored Pigment Jar - Black, 2 oz.

Starbond Matte Colored Pigment jars are the perfect choice for those looking for long-lasting color that won't fade or discolor over time. Designed to retain their vibrant colors and provide exceptional durability, our Matte Colored Pigments offer superior performance, ensuring your projects maintain their pristine look for years to come. 

Discover the luminous allure of Starbond's Canary Yellow Matte Colored Pigment Jar, a perfect blend of vibrancy and durability. This pigment offers a long-lasting canary yellow hue that retains its vibrancy over time, ensuring your projects look pristine for years. Ideal for high-temperature settings and resistant to chemical reactions, this pigment maintains its quality in even the toughest environments.

    These pigments can withstand high temperatures, making them perfect for use in industrial settings and applications where heat is a concern. Additionally, they have excellent resistance to chemical reactions, ensuring that your projects retain their quality and durability, even in harsh chemical environments.

    Whether you are working on indoor or outdoor projects, our Matte Colored Pigments are the ideal choice, offering resistance to weathering and maintaining color integrity in all settings. You can trust our pigments to stand up to even the toughest conditions, offering superior performance and exceptional results.

    Additionally, these pigments are non-toxic and safe to use in both paint and as an inlay material, making them a versatile solution for a wide range of applications. Whether you're creating art, woodturning projects, or industrial products, Starbond Colored Pigment Jars offer the color and durability you need to succeed. Order your Starbond Matte Colored Pigment Jars today and start creating projects with long-lasting, vibrant color!

    • Matte Color: The flat matte coloring is ideal for projects where you don’t want a shiny or glossy finish.
    • Long Lasting: Resistant to both weathering and discoloration over time, this pigment is built to last.
    • Non-toxic: This powder is non-toxic and safe for use in woodworking projects, among other things.
    • Easy to Use: Simply mix the powder with CA glue or epoxy and watch the color come to life.
    • Versatile: Great for use in woodworking, inlay, woodturning, and art.