Starbond Super Glue Remover (CA Debonder), 2 oz.

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Starbond Super Glue Remover 

Say goodbye to sticky situations with our Starbond Superglue Remover, formerly known as CA Glue Debonder. With this essential tool in your kit, you’ll never have to worry about gluing your fingers together again. Whether you need to clean up spills or remove dried glue, our improved formula and design make it a breeze.

What’s New?

🫶 More Effective at Glue Removal: Our extensive research and development efforts have resulted in an optimized formula that’s not only better than ever but also gentle on your skin.

⏱️ Thicker Viscosity Compared to Competitors: Unlike other products that tend to evaporate quickly or partially remove the glue, our formula is thicker, allowing it to stay on surfaces longer for effective glue removal.

📈 Aluminum Bottle + Longer Applicator Brush: We’ve upgraded the bottle to an aluminum design, sealing the liquid inside to prevent premature evaporation. The longer applicator brush ensures a full-reaching brush, reducing product waste

Remember to spot test delicate surfaces before using Superglue Remover, and always follow safety precautions when working with any CA/ super glue. Keep your workspace clean, and keep Starbond Superglue Remover handy for easy, worry-free glue removal.