Powermatic SLR12 Straight Line Rip Saw, 15HP 3PH 230/460V

SKU: PM9-1791285
$18,999.99 $23,342.84

Whether it's face frames, long runs, or full production, the SLR12 Straight Line Rip Saw has every job covered. Powered by a 15HP main motor, this saw has the capacity for virtually any job. The 12" main blade mounts on a high alloy, heat treated arbor that is precision ground and dynamically balanced for maximum stability and long durability. The caterpillar feed chain blocks are constructed of special grade cast iron that is heat treated and precision machined. The track travels on hardened "V" way guides insuring rigidity and accuracy. A full brush cleaning system with auto-oiler and shut-off gives the conveyor a long service life. All of this is driven by a 2HP feed motor with variable speed to perfectly match the feed rates with your production and finish requirements. A series of seven stock hold downs keep each work piece flat and straight throughout the cutting cycle. Dual anti-kickback devices help prevent discharge of work pieces. The heavy-duty precision rip fence travels on a solid steel guide rail and is micro-adjustable for fast, accurate set up. Controls for rip width, cutting depth, main and feed motors are all mounted up front for fast job changes. The large cast iron table surface supports any size stock and the efficient dust collection port insures a clean work area. From the kiln or cutting glue line, get your production up and running today with the SLR12 from POWERMATIC®.

12in Main blade supported by heat treated arbor for rigidity and support
Adjustable position control box for operator convenience
Auto-oiler with shut off ensures long conveyor chain life
Cast iron construction
Full cast iron construction for rock-solid operation
Large 18" rip and 3-7/8" depth of cut capacities for virtually any job
Seven pressure rollers with dual anti-kickback devices help prevent stock discharge
The feed chain blocks are constructed of heat treated cast iron with auto oiler for accuracy and long product life
Variable feed speeds to accommodate different type stock