Powermatic PM3000, 14" Tablesaw, 7.5HP 3PH 230/460V, 50" Accu-Fence

SKU: PM9-PM375350K
$6,599.99 $8,108.56

The PM3000B brings heavyweight performance and patented innovations to the 14-inch table saw arena. The riving knife rises and lowers with the blade, substantially reducing kickback risk; and both riving knife and blade guard each have a quick-release, so mounting and removing them is fast and tool-free. A wide-stance trunnion and concave teeth on the trunnion gears promote smooth blade raising/tilting. The Poly-V drive belt system results in quieter, more efficient power transfer with virtually no vibration and less heat build-up. A newly designed push button arbor lock is accessible from above the table top and eliminates the need for dual arbor wrenches. Sloped cabinet floor, dust shroud around the blade, and built-in port for dust extraction.

Adjustable angle indicators on the blade bevel scale for repeatable bevel cuts
Adjustable miter gauge
Arbor lock for rapid blade change
Heavy-duty micro adjustable miter gauge with aluminum extruded fence, for good workpiece and fine angle adjustments
Industrial magnetic switch has an easy-to-access, large ON/OFF switch with a built-in power indicator light and a removable magnetic safety key
Industrial-duty Accu-Fence System ensures accurate cuts and increased safety
One piece, cast iron trunnion provides the strongest stability of any Powermatic table saw.
Poly-V drive belt system delivers efficient, quiet operation
Push-button arbor lock for rapid blade change
Quick-release riving knife lever for hassle-free riving knife changes