Powermatic 1285, 12" Jointer, 3HP 1PH 230V

SKU: PM9-1791241
$7,299.99 $8,968.56

This 12" Jointer offers big capacity and performance in a machine that is loaded with features. Large center-mounted fence assembly adjusts easily via rack and pinion system with ram lock. Preset stops on the fence body allow for fast angle set-up at 45° in and out, and a positive stop for perfect 90° angles. The parallelogram design keeps the table in close proximity to the cutterhead for improved finish and allows for a fast depth of cut adjustment. This design also ensures the tables remain perfectly parallel even after years of tough duty. Choose either the standard straight knife cutterhead or the helical cutterhead.

Large 12" x 84" precision ground cast iron table surface for heavy-duty work
Parallelogram design for close table-to-cutterhead proximity and fast depth of cut adjustments
Rack and pinion adjustable cast iron fence assembly for smooth fence positioning without play
Straight knife cutterhead with 3 high speed steel knives create a clean cut
Table "lips" on both sides of cutterhead aid in noise reduction