Massca Products | Pocket-Hole Screw Kit 500 Units | Self-Tapping Zinc Plated

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Massca® Pocket-Hole Screw Kit 500 Units

When you’re a woodworker the right screws can make all the difference, especially when you want to carefully “hide” them within the wood while maintaining a strong, stable structure. Massca Pocket Hole Screws with self-tapping tips make it easier to complete your DIY projects with a clean, professional appearance that looks great without sacrificing stability. Our zinc-plated screws are perfect for indoor projects. 

  • Fine & Coarse Thread Pocket Hole Screws – Complete with 500 individual pocket jig screws in different styles these self-tapping screws can help you complete your woodworking jobs while maintaining a cleaner finish by hiding the screws more effectively.
  • Strong, Zinc-Plated Screws – Our self tapping pocket-hole screws feature fully zinc-plated heads to offer better rust and corrosion resistance which means you use them confidently in both indoor and outdoor wood projects. Intended for interior use.
  • Supports Versatile Woodworking Jobs – This self-tapping pocket-hole screw kit can be used with a wide range of different DIY wood construction projects including desks, tables, drawers, storage boxes, and other rugged designs.
  • Varying Screw Lengths – We want to make it easier and faster to complete the job from start to finish so we included multiple lengths in every pocket-hole screw assortment pack. Perfect for small, medium, and large DIY jobs.
  • Heavy-Duty Storage Box – Every 500-piece pocket-hole screws set comes in a quality and durable storage box with wide-grip handle which makes it easier to carry around on use on indoor projects while staying organized.
  • Fine thread screws:
    •  100 units of  1” 
  • Coarse-thread:
    • 125 units  1”,
    • 100 units 1-1/4",
    • 100 units 1-1/2”,
    • 75 units 2-1/2”