L.Co Color Oil

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L.Co uses raw tung oil and organic iron oxide pigments which allow the color to penetrate deep into the wood grain for a more clear and natural look. Color Oil is easy to apply, mix and match shades of color and is ideal for coloring unfinished wood furniture, hardwood floors, cabinets and trim.

With 10 colors to choose from, you can find the right shade to match your project. L.Co Color Oils can also be mixed together for an even more perfect match. The tung oil in L.Co Color Oil penetrates deep into wood and seals fibers beneath the surface to achieve a durable, hand-rubbed appearance. L.Co Color Oil is easy to clean, maintain or spot repair and is safe to use on children’s toys and furniture as well as food contact surfaces.

• Higher pigment content so you apply less and save more.

• Adds a natural beauty to any bare or stripped wood surface.

• Penetrates the wood substrate to color inside the wood.

• L.Co Color Oil seals, protects and colors wood in one step.

• Forms a protective finish against common spills and moisture.

• Easy to clean, maintain and spot repair.

Directions for use:
Sand up to #400 grit sandpaper. Apply with a cotton cloth, brush, or short nap roller in thin and light coats. Allow to dry 6-8 hours. Sand with #400 grit sandpaper between coats and reapply if a darker color is desired. Seal with L.Co Tung Oil Finish for interior use, or L.Co Exterior Oil for exterior use.

Clean up:
Clean application tools immediately with mineral spirits or turpentine. Properly dispose of rags, applicators and waste.

Uniquely formulated with pure tung oil, isoparaffin, organic pigment, modified waxes, modified alkyd resin, safe drying agents, UV absorbers and light inhibitors.

Non-toxic when fully cured.