IDry Kiln Drying | Standard | $.15/bdft/day

SKU: HLSIdryPlus

Our Kiln Drying Service Starts at $0.15 per board ft per day. We do offer discounts for full loads, so please reach out to discuss 360.601.8388 or

A board foot is a wood measurement for a piece of lumber 12" wide by 1' long by 1" thick for estimating purposes.

Sawmillers and most suppliers use board feet as a unit of wood measurement. It's important for you to know and understand how to calculate board feet and board feet pricing for your sawmill business.

The basic calculation for board feet is:

Thickness x Width x Length / 12 = Board Feet
1" T x 12" W x 1' L / 12 = 1 Board Foot