Ahonui Artisan NO SEAL HDPE Reusable Epoxy Resin Coaster Form

SKU: AA174251

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The Original Reusable HDPE Epoxy Resin Form in Coaster Size measures:

 17" long x 4.25" wide x 1" deep

All measurements are INTERIOR dimensions.

Great for Coasters, Beer, Wine, and Shot Flight trays. 

What is included in the box:

  • (1) Pre-sealed and Assembled Ready-to-Pour Coaster Form with Integrated  Levels
  • (6) HDPE Clamp Blocks
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This form is intended to save you the hassle of completely rebuilding, taping, spraying releasing agent, and finding clever ways to clamp your work in place. These forms will produce a blank, not a finished product. This form is intended to make setting up and resetting for your next pour as quick and efficient as possible to maximize work flow. It is not intended to produce a final piece that is ready to sell.

Due to the slick nature of the HDPE, there will be minor manufacturing “scuff” marks on the surface of the form. These marks will transfer to your resin but will be planed and/or sanded away very easily when working the blank to final thickness. These scuffs will in NO way affect your final piece.


About This Product:

This is the last style resin form you’ll ever need. It is constructed of 3/4 inch thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Epoxy resin is unable to adhere to polyethylene so with this form you will never need to tape your forms or use releasing spray again.

The form will be pre assembled, sealed, and ready for a pour as soon as you remove it from the box. The TWO long sides of the form will be “permanently” secured and sealed with RTV silicone gasket maker with bolts and threaded inserts. (These sides can be removed if you ever need them to be, but it isn’t necessary to remove them for normal function.)

The coaster size form is specifically designed to make (1) set of (4) 4"x4" coasters. 

Integrated Leveling System:

The leveling system consists of 2 bubble levels. The bubble levels help you visually adjust your form to be level, regardless of your workspace.