EcoPoxy FlowCast 2:1 Deep Pour Epoxy

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By EcoPoxy


The Premium Woodworker's Epoxy for Thick Pours

Ideal for Thick Pours

½" to 1 ½" Thick per Layer

Bubble-Free Castings

Excellent Air Release

Outstanding Transparency

Cures Water Clear

Low Heat Build Up

Resists Warping & Cracking


The Woodworker's Epoxy

FlowCast has been formulated with a simple 2:1 mix ratio and is designed for larger projects such as river tables, ocean tables, and encapsulated objects. It can be combined with Liquid or Metallic pigments to create custom colors and effects.

FlowCast is intended for pours of 13-38 mm (0.5-1.5”) per layer, with a maximum pour volume of 30 L (without the use of additional cooling). FlowCast can be worked using the same tools you have in your woodshop. 

With our ever-growing line of EcoPoxy pigments and accessories, we can support you with everything you need for your epoxy projects.


Pour Depth 13-38mm (0.5-1.5”) for pours up to 30L
Mix Ratio by Volume (A:B) 2:1
Mix Ratio by Mass (A:B) 2.3:1
Working Time (in mold)  8 - 12 Hours*
Tacky to Touch  20 - 44 Hours*
Set to Touch  44 Hours*
Demolding Time 3 Days*
Time Finishing 7 Days*
Full Cure  7 - 14 Days*
Working Temperature Resin, mold, and workspace temperatures should be 20-25°C (68-77°F)
Storage Temperature 15-25°C (59-77°F)
Clean Up Isopropyl/Denatured Alcohol or Warm Soapy Water

*Times based on 38mm (1.5”) deep casting at a volume of 14L. Individual project times may vary depending on pour depth, volume, ambient temperature, and humidity.


600L ships direct from manufacture. The average turn around time from sale to ship is 5-7 business days. You must be able to accept freight at your location. Shipping will be quoted after sale. We will reach out directly to coordinate best available rate and carrier.