EcoPoxy Epoxy Mixer

By EcoPoxy


Mix Easier & Faster

EcoPoxy®'s Epoxy Mixers are ideal tools for your shop. Whether you are making a river table, serving tray, or encapsulation, mixing epoxy does not have to be a chore. From project to project, you can expect our epoxy mixers to provide efficient mixing, saving you the time and effort of mixing by hand.

The 80 mm mixer is perfect for mixing epoxies in our Pour Pails while the 45 mm mixer is ideal for mixing epoxies in our Graduated Mixing Cups. Both have a rugged triple-blade design with a hexagonal steel shaft that keys into your drill. When you are done mixing, they can be cleaned and reused.

With our ever-growing line of EcoPoxy pigments and accessories, we can support you with everything you need for your epoxy projects.