Ahonui Artisans Wine Caddy Template #2

SKU: AhonuiWC2

All wine caddy templates now have a 1.5” hole for accommodating a larger number of wine bottles. They also have wider wine glass stem slots and chamfered edges for easier handling.

This is a .375 inch Cast Acrylic Master Template for wine caddies that accommodate (1) Wine Bottle and (2) Wine Glasses

It measures 10" long at its longest point, and 3.75" wide at its widest point and pairs perfectly with my Coaster Size Epoxy Resin Form.

This template is designed to be used in conjunction with a flush trim bit and guide bearing on a router table. It can be also be used to trace the shape to be cut on a scroll saw or jigsaw OR with a flush trim bit in a handheld router with a little more preparation.

This template can be attached to a “blank” workpiece using double sided tape and repositioned until you achieve the look you are hoping to create. Whether it be a laminated board blank, a wood and resin board blank, or simply a piece of hardwood.

How to Use This Product:

  1. Attach template to workpiece with double sided tape, or trace the shape onto your workpiece.
  2. Trim the excess material around the master template (or drawn shape) as close as you can get without damaging the template.
  3. Use the router with guide bearing (or chosen tool) to trim the blank to the exact shape of the template.

This allows you to quickly and efficiently repeat this shape as many times as you like. 


This template is intended to get you an accurate and repeatable shape quickly and easily every time. It is not intended to produce a finished product. Your general edge shaping (chamfers and round overs) as well as sanding will still be required to achieve a finished work piece.