Ahonui Artisan Side Wall - Large 20.5" Form

SKU: AhonuiSideWall

Our Large 20.5" form side wall replacement is here for your existing Ahonui Artisans forms.  These are the regular production run side walls from our high quality HDPE 3/4" materials and integrated level and machined T Track.

This side wall will come with several key pieces to make up the complete side, to include: 

  • (1) 2"x20.5" HDPE 3/4" 
  • (2) Leveling Feet
  • (4) Pan Head Screws
  • (3) T Track Bolts
  • (1) Ahonui Artisans Nameplate
  • (1) QR Instruction Card

Note:  These are to be set in place and secured with a silicone caulking seal under and around to ensure a proper sealing line between areas.