Ahonui Artisan Coffee Table Divider Kit - Two Piece HDPE Dividers

SKU: AhonuiHDPEdividers2

Our 24" x 48" Bath Caddy form dividers are made of the same high quality HDPE 3/4" materials.  These are designed to provide simple separation within the form body.  Many times the whole form space is not needed and this will allow for a quick and efficient way to section off part of the form and / or pour two different projects at the same time.

Dividers Included:

  • (1) 48" x 3" Section Divider
  • (1) 24" x 3" Section Divider

Note:  These are to be set in place and secured with a silicone caulking seal under and around to ensure a proper sealing line between areas.  The form does not come with these dividers.