Massca Products | Viking Arm Base Pad

SKU: sku-43952288858349

Product Information

The gripping foundation to our Viking Arm® Tool arsenal has been designed and
fashioned via requests and suggestions from our innovative customers .
The Base Pad can be fitted in a matter of seconds . Designed to protect surfaces
from scuffs, scratches and abrasions with its non - slip, non - abrasive and soft - to - touch lifting surface .

The Base Pad securely ‘slide snaps’ onto the heavy - duty carbon steel Viking Arm® base plate, to provide greater gripping technology and a softer interface . The Base Pad ensures the Viking Arm® Tool is secured to the surface while providing maximum protection . Effectively protecting delicate surfaces such as glass, finished timber, floors, ceramics, tiles, doors, windows, countertops, tables, enamels, and more from damage when lifting .

The pad works perfectly when coupled with either Viking Arm® Extender or Viking Arm® Lifting Pad.

Product Specs

  • Non - Slip/Non - Scratch Contact Surface :
  • Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Soft to the touch and abrasive - resistant protective contact point for all surfaces
  • Construct from PA 30 % GF a glass fibre - reinforced polyamide
  • Offering greater strength, lighter weight, rigidity, and dimensional stability
  • Attaches to the standard 6 mm baseplate of the Viking Arm ® Tool
  • Attachable & detachable to the Viking Arm ® Extender
  • 17 x 103 x 114 mm – 0 . 130 kg
  • Designed in Norway and made in Denmark