Massca Products | M2 Upgrade Kit

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Massca® M2 Upgrade Kit

Do you have the M1 Aluminum Pocket-Hole Jig Pro and would like to upgrade to the M2 model? This accessory upgrade kit will help you do just that with ease.

Our new M2 model is here and we've added a special touch to it. The new Massca M2 Pocket-Hole Jig Pro & M2 Upgrade Kit feature new stabilizing bars and support blocks for easier work with longer pieces of lumber and repetitive drills. Each M2 Upgrade Kit comes with (2) stabilizing bars & stop blocks that adjust laterally to the exact length of your desired measurement, now providing even more stability and accuracy your pocket-hole cut.

This kit includes:

(1) M2 Base Plate

(2) Support Blocks

(2) Stabilizing Bars