Massca Products | Dowel Jig X - For Angled Dowel Joints (Pack of 2)

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Give Your Project a Professional Finish with the Massca Dowel X

We developed the versatile Massca Dowel Jig X to help you join two pieces of wood together in a new and sturdier way. Join together two pieces of wood at an angle to create a superior dowel joint. Our jig gives you more control over every piece of wood, so you can feel proud of your finished efforts and have your project last a lifetime.

What makes this jig unique is that it creates angled joints instead of parallel joints, in comparison to a traditional dowel jig. By creating joints at opposing directions, this provides a workpiece with extra strength and stability without having to use screws, nails, or complicated tools to get the job done. This is a quick and easy take on using dowels to make your project stronger than ever. 

Key Product Features:
  • Fastener Free¬†‚Äď Our dowel jig lets you join two wood pieces together without using screws or nails for a cleaner finish - all you need is 5/16th dowels.
  • Strong Joint Connections -¬†This unique doweling system allows you to put two dowels in opposing directions into your workpiece, creating a strong joint that in many cases can be stronger than other joinery methods due to its angled connection.

  • No-Wait Gluing¬†‚ÄstThe joints created with this system¬†do not¬†require glue. However, if you choose to use glue, clamps do not have to remain in place while the glue is drying. This flexibility allows you to continue working on your project instead of traditionally waiting for the glue to dry.
  • Smooth Classic Finish -¬†Dowels that match or contrast the wood of the project can be used for either an invisible or distinctly unique appearance can be used. This finish is especially nice for furniture, frames, or wooden toy projects.

  • Surface-Friendly Positioning¬†‚Äď There are no complicated mechanisms with this dowel jig kit which means you can easily slide it into position, lock it down with a clamp, and drill from either side to create accurate dowel joints.

Drill bit, hex key and stop collar included