Laguna's PX|16 Planer is loaded with features for convenience, power and versatility. Laguna planers have been torture-tested on the most difficult hardwood knots and changing grain direction to prove their fantastic cut quality. With 16'' of width, you can plane nearly any board and the powerful 5HP motor won't break a sweat. The ShearTecII helical cutterhead features solid carbide inserts that produce an incredibly smooth finish and produce far less noise. Snipe is virtually eliminated by the carefully located pressure bar, while the digital readout and speed controls are conveniently mounted at eye level and angled toward the user for improved ergonomics.


  • Segmented infeed roller lets you feed multiple boards without having individual boards stall out due to small variations in thickness
  • Infeed/outfeed rollers instead of cast iron tables for a more compact footprint
  • DRO and speed control are mounted on the control panel and angled toward the user for better ergonomics
  • Easy access to the ShearTecII head is provided via a hinged cover with a safety switch
  • Large dust chute can be pointed left or right on the back of the machine for optimal hose routing
  • Bed roller adjustment mechanism provides a highly refined movement
  • Bed is secured by a 4-post system for consistent performance with every cut
  • Infeed roller is serrated, while the pressure bar is located close to the cutterhead, virtually eliminating snipe
  • ShearTecII cutterhead features 4-sided solid carbide inserts with a T-shoulder rather than a cone-shaped design, helping to prevent cracking of the inserts
  • Another benefit of the hard T-shoulder versus the cone shape is that you don’t need to worry about the exact pressure the knife is set with—there is no flex in the T-shoulder design
  • Each insert features a slightly crowned leading edge and is set in a spiral pattern for a true shear cut
  • Deep gullets make dust and chips disappear quickly which produces a better finish
  • ShearTecII inserts are 15 x 15 x 2.5mm, which is slightly larger and thicker than standard knives (14 x 14 x 2mm)
  • ShearTecII cutterheads have one more advantage: they are quiet!