Starbond Mother of Pearl Inlay Flakes (Natural), 2.5 oz.

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Add luxury and elegance to your projects with Starbond Natural Mother of Pearl Inlays, which are made from crushed abalone shell, a perfect accessory for woodworkers, woodturners, luthiers and hobbyists. This jar contains flakes of the mother of pearl which can be used as woodworking supplies and inlay supplies. 

The mother of pearl inlay can be used as is for filling spaces using the chips or can be crushed into the mother of pearl luster to be used in tight spaces for fillings. 

The mother of pearl can be added as the white flake or it can be dyed to different colors. Dying these shell flakes creates effects of luxury gems including sapphires, emeralds and ruby. They can also be dyed into different colors such as gold, black, pink and more. 

These flakes are soft and can be set into the inlay projects using CA glues or epoxies. For quick and easier setting, pairing with Starbond CA glues is recommended. For bigger projects, these flakes can be set in using the epoxies mix.

Use these inlay pearls for wood turning projects to create glowing white inlay finish, woodworking projects with unique inlay finishes, guitar inlays, fretwork inlays, DIY projects and many other applications!

  • NATURAL MOTHER OF PEARL: Crushed mother of pearl has been used for centuries as a decorative material and to cover up blemishes on furniture and other objects. Mother of pearl is also known for its iridescent qualities, which are created by the fine layers that make up the shell’s surface. The iridescence is caused by light reflecting off these layers at different angles. This is a natural product.
  • CREATE STUNNING INLAY DESIGNS: Compatible with CA glues and epoxies, combine the mother of pearl flakes with epoxy to create resin artwork, or crush the mother of pearl flakes into finer powder for beautiful CA inlay applications.
  • FINE FLAKES: Rather than chips, this Mother of Pearl jar contains fine flakes, which means no grinding is necessary to get the incredible luster into the smallest of cracks and voids.
  • THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! To name a few, there are woodturning inlays, guitar inlays, shell inlays, dyed pearl inlays, glowing pearl finishes, and more making it the perfect one-of-a-kind product. The natural mother of pearl creates a beautiful, glowing effect that is perfect for adding a touch of glamor to any project.