Starbond 24-Choices Mica Powder Creativity Set (Red, Blue, Green), 10g bottles

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Starbond Mica Powder Pigment Red Green Blue (RGB) Set

Unleash a spectrum of creativity with the Starbond Mica Powder Pigment Red Green Blue (RGB) Set. This collection brings the elemental beauty of nature to your crafts with its array of 24 vibrant shades. Each pigment, from Ruby Red to Diamond Sky Blue, is meticulously handpicked for its radiant sheen and versatile application potential. Ideal for woodworking inlays, bespoke jewelry, custom paints, and dazzling epoxy art, these vibrant pigments will make your projects resonate with vivid color.


  • Versatile Use:¬†Perfect for various crafts including woodworking, jewelry, paints, and epoxy art.
  • Vibrant Colors:¬†Includes colors like Ruby Red, Teal, and Cobalt Blue, mirroring nature's depth.
  • Comprehensive Set:¬†24 shades each offering a unique and vivid hue.
  • Quality and Safety:¬†Non-toxic, irritant-free, odorless, and environmentally friendly.

Included colors

  1. Ruby Red
  2. Mahogany Red
  3. Pomegranate Red
  4. Merlot Red
  5. Rouge Red
  6. Teal
  7. Aqua Green
  8. Turquoise Green
  9. Emerald
  10. Dark Emerald
  11. Aquamarine
  12. Dark Teal
  13. Diamond Olive Green
  14. Diamond Fruit Green
  15. Silver Baby Blue
  16. Cobalt Blue
  17. Cyan Blue
  18. Electric Blue
  19. Dark Blue grey
  20. Bleu de France
  21. Diamond light blue
  22. Pastel Blue
  23. Diamond Periwinkle
  24. Diamond Sky Blue
  • Mix and Match:¬†These packs come with 24 colors in varying shades of RGB that you can even mix together to make more colors!
  • Mixing Spoons:¬†These sets come with 3 stainless steel spoons, perfect for dispensing and mixing the mica powders.
  • Natural:¬†These powders are non-toxic, completely odorless, and made from natural mica mineral, great for the eco-conscious crafter
  • Easy to Use:¬†Simply mix the powders with glue or epoxy and watch the color come to life
  • Versatile:¬†With 24 different colors to choose from, these sets are perfect for inlays, paints, and many other crafts.