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Welcome to Hamilton Lee Supply's exclusive Live Edge Slab and Wood Collection, a testament to the raw beauty and organic allure of nature's finest materials. Nestled in the heart of Battle Ground, Washington, our carefully curated selection showcases the timeless elegance of live edge slabs and premium wood products, seamlessly merging rustic charm with contemporary design.

Explore the captivating grains and textures that define our Live Edge Slab and Wood Collection, where each piece tells a unique story of craftsmanship and natural artistry. From dining tables that become the focal point of your gatherings to custom-crafted countertops that elevate your kitchen aesthetic, our collection is a celebration of the harmonious fusion between the untamed spirit of wood and the refined touch of human ingenuity.

Why choose Hamilton Lee Supply? Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the extraordinary quality of our materials. With a focus on sustainability, each live edge slab is carefully sourced and meticulously crafted, ensuring an eco-friendly choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Browse our website at to discover the perfect live edge slab or wood product for your home or project. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of hand-selected materials, and let the warmth of wood transform your space. Our Battle Ground, Washington collection is more than just a selection of products; it's an invitation to bring the outdoors in, to embrace the authenticity of nature in every detail.

Hamilton Lee Supply – Where Nature Meets Craftsmanship in Battle Ground, Washington. Redefine your space with our Live Edge Slab and Wood Collection today.

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