White Oak Charcuterie Package
White Oak Charcuterie Package
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White Oak Charcuterie Package

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Have you been watching a little too much YouTube? Want to make your own resin charcuterie board, but don't know where to start? 

Our Hamilton Lee Supply Charcuterie Board Bundles make it quick and easy to get into working with resin with minimal tools and supplies.

Included in the bundle is:

  • (1) Pre-sealed and Assembled Ready-to-Pour Small Form with Integrated T-track, Levels, and Leveling Feet.
    • Reusable HDPE Form interior dimensions are 20.5" long by 12.5" wide by 2" deep.
  • (1) 3 L Ecopoxy FlowCast 2:1 Deep Pour Epoxy
  • (1) 8 oz Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil
  • (1) 3 oz Walrus Oil Cutting Board Wax
  • (1) White Oak Slab cut to fit the interior dimensions of the form.
    • 1.25~1.5" thick slab is precut, planed, and sanded.

Savings Breakdown:

  • HDPE Reusable Form from $249.00 to $227.05
  • 3 L Ecopoxy FlowCast 2:1 Deep Pour Epoxy now $118.75 from $125
  • 8 oz Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil now $9.49 from $9.99
  • 3 oz Walrus Oil Cutting Board Wax now $9.49 to $9.99
  • FREE 1.25~1.5" thick prepped White Oak Slab down from $25.00

    Save $44.70 with this bundle.

    More prepared wood stock will be available soon.